Qualified with a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, and experienced with a variety of species. I have a passion for strengthening the bond between dogs and humans through positive reinforcement training. I believe we have a duty to our companion animals to make their lives as happy and fulfilling as possible. Therefore, my walks are more of an adventure rather than pounding the pavements. 

I am a one woman business which means your pets will always see my face, this is perfect for those animals that need to build a relationship with someone, as they won’t be seeing different walkers or trainers each time. 

Why choose me?


My Van

I wanted to make sure I was able to transport dogs safely and comfortable. Having previous experience transporting dogs meant I could add design features to make their journey the best possible! Each compartment is fitted with anti-slip rubber matting along with comfy bedding to snuggle up in.

As some dogs don’t like entering unknown dark spaces I made sure to equip each space with it’s own light. This means dogs know exactly what they are entering and can hop in and out with ease.